September 18th, 2013   Mad Men, News and Rumours Comments Off on Mad Men Serves “Seven and Seven”

AMC announced today that the final season of the Lionsgate series Mad Men will be expanded to 14 episodes and equally portioned with seven episodes airing in spring of 2014 (“The Beginning”) and the final seven episodes of this iconic series (“The End of an Era”) airing in the spring of 2015. “This approach has worked well for many programs across multiple networks, and, most recently for us with Breaking

August 26th, 2013   Articles and Interviews, Mad Men Comments Off on Christina Hendricks Says “Mad Men” Has Surprises Left

Many fans of “Mad Men” have no idea how they’ll cope after the show wraps up its seventh and supposedly final season. Actress Christina Hendricks, who today picked up her fourth Emmy nomination for her role as Joan on the AMC period drama, doesn’t quite know how she’ll handle the end of the show either. “It’s something we all have to deal with,”  says Hendricks, who is up for Outstanding Supporting

August 26th, 2013   Articles and Interviews, Mad Men Comments Off on Christina Hendricks talks about On-Set Rituals and Character Quirks with THR

Christina Hendricks Supporting Actress, Drama Mad Men (AMC) The thing I need most to play Joan: It’s a layered effect, but once the hair is up and you zip up that last tight skirt, it solidifies things. The tight skirt and the updo really do it. The first thing I do on set: I have it timed out: I live six minutes from work, so every day I show up

August 26th, 2013   Articles and Interviews, Mad Men Comments Off on “Mad Men” Q&A with Christina Hendricks

In this interview, Christina Hendricks (Joan Harris on AMC’s Mad Men) talks about exploring her character’s personal life and a defining moment. Q: Peggy quit SCDP and Joan’s a partner. What do you think they’ve learned from each other? A: Both of these women are saying, “I’ve worked really hard and I deserve this. And I’m going to take it.” And I think Joan has learned a lot from watching Peggy

August 26th, 2013   Articles and Interviews, Awards & Nominations, Mad Men, Projects Comments Off on Emmys 2013: Christina Hendricks slept through nomination for “Mad Men”

Christina Hendricks, the ravishing redhead that set America’s heart ablaze with her role as Joan Harris on AMC’s “Mad Men,” slept through the news of her Emmy nomination Thursday. “I just found out about 10 minutes ago,” Hendricks said by phone from New York City. “I went to see a play last night and I turned my phone on silent — so I took the luxury of sleeping in until

September 24th, 2012   Appearance & Events, Awards & Nominations, Gallery, Mad Men Comments Off on Christina Hendricks: 64th Annual Emmy Awards

Christina Hendricks attended on Sunday evening (September 23) the 2012 Emmy Awards. She was nominated as Best Supporting Actress (Drama) but lost to Dame Maggie Smith from Downton Abbey. She also partecipated in the cold opening of the Emmys with Jimmy Kimmel and Lena Dunham, Kathy Bates,  Zooey Deschanel, Connie Britton, Martha Plimpton, Mindy Kaling, Ryan Seacrest, Tom Bergeron, Jeff Probst, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Ellen DeGeneres. Christina looked amazing

September 22nd, 2012   Appearance & Events, Gallery, Mad Men Comments Off on Christina Hendricks: “Mad Men” Press Conferences Update

Gallery Links [011] Public Appearances > 2008 > September 17: ‘Mad Men’ Press Conference [051] Public Appearances > 2009 > August 28: ‘Mad Men’ Season Three Press Conference [021] Public Appearances > 2012 > August 10: “Mad Men” Press Conference

September 19th, 2012   Articles and Interviews, Mad Men, Multimedia Comments Off on Christina Hendricks’ Favorite Romantic “Mad Men” Moment

The “Man Men” bombshell explains what Joan and Roger scene touched her most.

August 20th, 2012   Gallery, Mad Men Comments Off on Christina Hendricks: “Mad Men” Press Conference

Gallery Link [006] Public Appearances > 2012 > August 10: “Mad Men” Press Conference

August 12th, 2012   Articles and Interviews, Mad Men Comments Off on Christina Hendricks is at ease with Emmy and “Mad Men”

If an increasingly common sniff test for political candidates is to pick the one you’d want to have a beer with, then “Mad Men‘s” Christina Hendricks is well suited to meeting that standard as an Emmy contender. Hendricks, sitting for an interview after breezing through a photo shoot, has a natural ease. It’s there in the way she salvages a questioner’s bumbling sally about her girlhood as daughter of a

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