Christina Hendricks Covers Delta Sky Magazine

Christina and her co-stars are gearing up their promotional work for season 4 of “Mad Men” and luckily, she is appearing on several magazines as a result. Christina and co-star John Slattery are currently appearing on the July issue of Delta Sky Magazine. I’ve added scans and a new gorgeous photo shoot of Christina to the gallery so go have look.

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Christina Hendricks & Co-Stars in Entertainment Weekly

The first new promo picture from season 4 of “Mad Men” was released in the form of a two page spread in the latest Entertainment Weekly. Christina appears alongside Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss with some commentary by Matthew Weiner on their characters Summer Must List. I’ve scanned the bit and added it to the gallery.

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Past Perfect: Christina Hendricks on Los Angeles Times Magazine

As said some days ago, Christina Hendricks is featured in the July issue of the Los Angeles Times Magazine (out tomorrow, July 4). Today I’ve added in the gallery an higher-res of the cover and some gorgeous pictures from the photoshoot.

Plus, on you can find the interview. Enjoy!

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Two New Photo Shoot Outtakes

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Christina Hendricks Attends Brooks Brothers and Social Primer Bow Tie Launch

Christina Hendricks, along with Mad Men co-star Rich Sommer attended the Brooks Brothers and Social Primer Bow Tie Launch on June 02. Christina work a white knee length dress along with some very hot brown boots. Check out the exclusive high quality images in the gallery thanks to Jon Hamm Source.

Public Appearances > Appearances from 2010 > June 2: Brooks Brothers and Social Primer Bow Tie Launch

Sam Page on Christina Hendricks: “She’s amazing to work with”

Sam Page, who plays Joan Holloway’s husband, Greg Harris, talks in a Q&A session on the official site about the toughest scene he had on Mad Men and how it is working with Christina Hendricks.

Q: Isn’t everyone jealous that you’re the guy who marries Joan?
A: Whenever I meet someone I don’t know, they always give me that evil look like, “You’re not a nice guy.” But then everyone says, “Wow, but you do get to work with Christina.” That’s pretty fun, and she’s amazing to work with.

Q: That scene in which you sexually assault Joan.
A: That was in my second episode. I didn’t know that was coming up when I was cast. And then the next episode, as they were bringing me back, I ended up running into [writer] Robin Veith out somewhere, and she told me not to be upset about “what we make you do,” and I said, “Okay, I’m just happy to be back.” So I got the table read early, and I looked at a script and was paging through it, and my jaw hit the floor. It was not what I expected to be coming.

Q: How difficult was that scene for you?
A: Christina was so generous with the off-camera preparation and she couldn’t have been more helpful and understanding. For me, it was my second day on set on a show I’m a huge fan of, so she made it incredibly easy.

Christina Hendricks on cover of LA Times Magazine

Christina Hendricks will be featured in the July issue of Los Angeles Times Magazine.

In the interview, Christina talks about her new movie, Life as we know it (out this fall), returning to the small screen on July 25th with season 4 of Mad Men and being immortalized as a Barbie doll next month.

She also talks about her passion for music, broadening the definition of beauty in the fashion world and when she became a redhead.

“Mad Men” Season 4 – New Trailer

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