Hacks To Explore Hidden Features In TikTok

It seems that TikTok has endured a rapid growth since 2016. For a proper reason, the application is flooded with many features, and it is simple for the content creators to produce quality content without getting out of the platform. It possesses various hidden features, which cannot be seen as prominent.

  • Home: If you initially open the application, you are directed to the home page to find a few feeds, For your option and the following option. You can pick either one by just clicking on it. The following option will then display the list of accounts followed by you and the people who are following you, followers are the people by whom you can buy TikTok likes. The For you option will display the trending updates on the application.
  • Explore: TikTok’s explore option works by clicking on the search icon(magnifying glass symbol) at the lower bottom of the display screen. You can search and find anything you need through the search icon. The option will be the scan option to discover the fellow user’s user code at the right side of the search. 
  • Make: To make a video, you’ll have to click on the create button on the home page’s bottom center. Then prepare yourself to film the video. Make use of all the effects, speed limits, beauty tools, and create an excellent video.
  • Effects: On the left side of the video record option, you can see the effects option. Here you will see a lot of filters and effects to make the video better. The moment you see the video effect of your preference, you can start recording the video.
  • Update: You can update videos on the application by clicking the upload option on the right side of the record option. This gives more possibilities to produce TikTok videos by adding video altering applications into the blend.
  • Flip: This flip tool permits you to transfer from the front camera(selfie camera) to the back camera.
  • Speed: While producing video, you can use the speed control tool to fix different rates. In general, the speed option will be 2x,3x,5x, and 1x. The slow-motion recording is also an additional option provided by the application, which will be available inside the effects option.
  • Beauty: A beauty filter could either be turned on or off, depending upon the video recorder’s preference. The filter facilitates a better skin tone and softness, using which creates a big difference.
  • Filters: Along with the beauty effects, TikTok provides a few filters to change the TikTok video updates’ outlook. Click on the filters on the right side of the display screen to bring the filters and effects. Note: you can also find the filter option in the preview area, where you could edit a bit more by adding a few more effects to it.
  • Timer: Using the TikTok timer option, you could provide yourself with a time gap before you begin with a recording. This makes a way to fix or utilize it continuously, so it is unnecessary to hold over the record option. You can select a proper record duration, as it supports setting up the transitions in a simple way.
  • Video Production: Using the record option, you could see the TikTok video creation tools. Now you could pick your video length; it might be a 15second or a minute video. If not, you can utilize the video templates. When you have followers exceeding 1k followers, you can find the live option. Live option in TikTok is the best option to make the followers get curious about your information.

Bottom Line

Regardless of whether you’re quite possibly the most famous TikTok influencers or you need to turn into a TikTok influencer, the TikTok hacks and TikTok hidden highlighted features we’ve shared above would do more to make your information better. We suggest messing with the application and saving loads of drafts; the more you utilize the application, the better your update will be. What’s more, don’t hesitate to evaluate outsider TikTok promoting apparatuses to support your advertising inputs. To begin off on the correct foot with TikTok, make sure to look at our TikTok influencer advertising guide!